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The Importance of Ice and Water Shield

Published by Top Tier on October 24, 2023

When getting your roof installed by Top Tier Roofing, we recommend you consider the addition of the ice and water shield. We recommend this on all of our installations due to the northeast climate and the potential for harsh winters. Ice and water shield gets in the valleys and ridges of your shingles and protects against frost and precipitation, helps protect when the snow load gets high and fills up the gutters, and helps prevent against refreeze that can occur underneath shingles and can cause damage. Snowfall is only the beginning of potential issues with your roof and can stem out into many other issues, ice and water shield helps make sure your roof is protected and your home stays dry. 

Extend Your Roof’s Life Span

When your roof is exposed to the harsh winters that the northeast is capable of, it’ll be exposed to plenty of precipitation and likely frost. Ice and water shield from Top Tier Roofing helps to protect the integrity of your roof by getting into the valleys, ridges and low points of the roof. These areas are typically areas that would be susceptible to damage and tough to protect, now with ice and water shield, we can make sure that we’re giving them a higher level of protection so that they don’t deteriorate and cause issues that lead to a costly repair or a shortened roof lifespan. 

Protection From Snow & Ice

During heavy snowfall, a lot of issues can occur even after the heaviest of the storm. Primarily, after the snow has begun to melt and the water from that snowfall is finding its way into any cracks or beneath any shingles on your roof. This can cause a lot of damage and leaks into your home, this is where ice and water shield can come into play. Ice and water shield makes sure that the roof is covered so when this piled up snow begins to melt, it doesn’t find its way underneath shingles, it just goes through the gutter and off of the roof, keeping your home dry. 

After the snowfall, you and your roof aren’t out of the clear just yet. Snow will melt and then that water can get underneath shingles and refreeze. This can cause shingles to detach or cause damage that results in water getting into the home. Ice and water shield prevents melted snow from getting underneath the shingles in the first place. Ice and water shield allows the shingles to breathe and operate as they would, despite the pressure from snow and water that is situated on the roof. 

There are plenty of benefits to the ice and water shield protection, especially with the Delco weather. Harsh winters can be a threat to your roof and you want to make sure to have that extra layer of protection, offering peace of mind. The last thing you want to do is to be dealing with roof damage during a terribly cold storm. All this does is add more stress to an already stressful situation.

Top Tier understand the importance of ice and water shield in this climate and it’s why we recommend it on every install we do. Top Tier Roofing is your trusted roofer for a reason. We understand all of the issues that you may run into and we take that extra care in your roof that we would want someone to take in ours. All of our technicians are ready to answer any questions you may have during an installation to help you understand why ice and water shield is so important.

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